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Prof. Anoop Misra
Brief Profile

Dr Anoop Misra was born in 1958, and completed his premedical studies from Lucknow, India. He did his under-graduation and post-graduation from prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India. Subsequently he worked in the same institute as faculty, and then Professor of Internal Medicine for nearly two decades. During this time, he was involved in teaching undergraduates and postgraduates, and guided thesis and projects of several students pursuing their master’s degrees. In 2006, he joined Fortis Healthcare in New Delhi, having established standalone vertical on diabetes and since then is Chairman, Fortis-CDOC Center of Excellence for Diabetes, Metabolic Diseases, and Endocrinology, New Delhi, and Director, National Diabetes, Obesity and Cholesterol Foundation, andDiabetes Foundation (India). Fortis CDOC specialty diabetes chain of hospital/centers, are currently in progressive expansion mode throughout north India, and has won ‘Best Diabetes Center in India’ award by CIMS (India) for four consecutive years.

Prof. Misra has extensive academic experiences in Universities overseas. As WHO Fellow, he has worked in Royal Free Hospital in London, UK and at Department of Medicine and Endocrinology at Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, Texas, USA. Later he served as faculty in the same department and institution in USA. During both these fellowship programs, Dr Misra’s research included various adipose tissue disorders (lipodytrophies, abdominal fat distribution and its relationship to insulin resistance and metabolism) under leading experts in the World. He has also been WHO consultant for Diabetes to Korea. In January 2012, he has been conferred Honorary Professorship from Institute of Life Sciences, Hyderabad.

In India, Dr Misra has been participant of top Advisory Committees relating to Diabetes andCardiovascular diseases in India. He has been in advisory board member of National Program for Cancer, Diabetes, and CVD. He has been a member of World Health Organization Expert Group of Childhood Obesity and Indian Council of Medical Research Expert Groups for Childhood Obesity, Fatty Liver, Diabetes, and Gestational Diabetes. He has been a Member, Technical Advisory Groups on Adolescent Health, Ministry of Health, Governing Committee National Institute of Nutrition and National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau, Expert Committee for Drugs Controller General of India, and Department of Biotechnology. He has also been member of National Drug Technology Committee,and National Task Force on Male Fertility.

Prof. Misra has more than 30 years of experience in teaching, service, research and communityhealth intervention programs directed towards Asian Indians and particularly for underprivileged people. Prof. Misra has published more than 300 scientific papers in the National and International journals, including The Lancet, Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, New England Journal of Medicine, British Medical Journal, Medicine, Obesity Research, PLOS One etc. and published chapter in International Textbook of Diabetes. He is also an Advisory Board Member of British Medical Journal. He has been member of editorial boards of 20 international and 11 Indian journals, including Associate Editor of “Journal of Diabetes” (USA), European Journal of Nutrition (UK), and “Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome: Research and Reviews” (Singapore) and Honorary Editor of “Diabetes & Obesity International Journal”. He has written three editorials for prestigious journal “The Lancet”, lead multi-national research team for lead article in “British Medical Journal” special issue on South Asia, and is a reviewer for more than 40 Journals including “Journal Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism” and “New England Journal of Medicine”.

Dr Misra has received numerous awards and orations. He has been awarded highest award formedicine in India Dr BC Roy award (2006) and prestigious National Honor, Padma Shree (2007). He has been conferred National awards ‘Americare Award’ (Americare Foundation, India, 2012), “Swastha Bharat Samman” (from Zee TV 2012), ‘Chikitsa Ratan’ (by Delhi Medical Association, 2014) and “Excellence in Diabetes Care’ (Health Summit Awards, 2014) for outstanding contribution to Diabetes in India. He has received “Outstanding Investigator Award” from World India Diabetes Foundation in 2013. He has given 35 named orations in India and neighbouring countries.

Prof. Misra has several important scientific findings to his credit. He has been a lead investigator onbody composition, including imaging of abdominal fat depots, liver and pancreatic fat in Indians. His group led research on childhood obesity, intake of junk foods and healthy oils in India. Many studies on nutrition in relation to the metabolic syndrome and diabetes have been done by his group; and these have led to greater understanding on designing proper diets for prevention and management of diets in Asians Indians. Most importantly, he has lead countrywide consensus guidelines for obesity, the metabolic syndrome, physical activity, diets, and management of diabetes for Asian Indians. Of note, these revised guidelines for obesity and abdominal obesity for Indians have also been adapted for immigrant South Asians in UK. He and top opinion leaders on diabetes in India has proposed a new treatment algorithm for management of diabetes in India. He has written several articles on useof inadequately tested drugs and use of low cost insulins in India. He has research collaborations with scientists from USA, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, Malaysia, and Sweden.

On community health mode, Project MARG and DISHAA, large nationwide intervention projects onnutrition and health of schoolchildren, has been conceptualized and carried out by his team (with the help of Word Diabetes Federation) and have been internationally lauded. Currently, he has initiated “Customised Mobile Van for Diabetes” program for underprivileged populations in Delhi, to provide diabetes care at the doorsteps of underserved populations.

He is preceptor of 6 months BMJ-Royal College of Physicians-Fortis CDOC Certification Program for Diabetes, which has helped train more than 125 students till now. This program has been extended for interested students of India, neighboring countries including Middle Eastern countries.

He has been personal physician to two former Prime Ministers of India.