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Archive 2016

  1. Weighing in on sugar tax Oct-17-2016 The hindu RAMYA KANNAN


    Dr Anoop Mishra

  2. Obesity in kids up at shocking rate The times of india Oct-26-2016 The times of india Shailvee Sharda


    Dr Anoop Mishra

  3. 3. An ‘Exploding Nightmare’: 1 in 10 Indian Kids Prone To Diabetes 14-Nov-2016 The Quant


    Dr Anoop Mishra

  4. 4. One in every three school children fail BMI test: study 24-jan-2017 NEETU CHANDRA SHARMA DNA


    Dr Anoop Mishra

  5. FSSAI concerned about smoke 30-jan-2017 NEETU CHANDRA SHARMA DNA


    Dr Anoop Mishra

  6. N-DOC research reports almond consumption to lower risk of type 2 diabetes 11-Feb-2017 Pharmabiz


    Dr Anoop Mishra, Dr Seema gulati

  7. Diabetes raises risk of cancer death in Asians 13-March-2017 Asian Age Teena Thacker


    Dr Anoop Mishra

  8. Medical bodies urge govt to hike tax on unhealthy food 15-April-2017 DNA Neetu Chandra Sharma


    Dr Anoop Mishra