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Women initiative on prevention of diabetes (GDM/T2DM) and its risks (e.g overweight or obesity)

Funder: World Diabetes Foundation (WDF)
Start of the project: September 2018
Project Duration: September 1, 2018 to June 1, 2021


Raising diabetes awareness and enhancing preventive measures for newly married women and for women at risk of diabetes in ten urban slum areas of Delhi and improving access to diabetes care for these women.

The project aims to:

  • Educate groups of women in ten urban slums (newly married women, women at risk of diabetes and women with diabetes or prediabetes) regarding nutrition, overweight, obesity, physical activity, T2DM/GDM and its risks.
  • Regular awareness-raising sessions for selected women mother-in-law/daughter-in-law pairs and women with diabetes for prevention as well as for screening camps
  • Training for Community Health Workers to work as change agents to ensure sustainability of the intervention


Quarter I, September 2018 to March 2019

  1. Established patient registries through 5000 household surveys in each of the 10 areas
  2. Dissemination material developed for the women includes a pamphlet that contains information of do and don’ts of GDM and prevention of Diabetes Mellitus type 2 and a booklet on T2DM and GDM.
  3. A ready reference handbook has been developed in Hindi that contains all 6 modules each module has endeavoured explain the link with the of development of Non-Communicable diseases in the lifecycle of a woman and its prevention through appropriate nutrition and lifestyle approaches.
  4. 20 Didactic Training Sessions regarding nutrition, overweight, obesity, physical activity, T2DM/GDM and its risks and the prevention, organised for the Community Health Workers

Quarter II,  April 2019-September 2019

  1. 50 community workers trained in T2DM care and prevention
  2. 20 Community awareness activities conducted
  3. 1600 people reached through awareness activities
  4. Network meetings with local stake holders such as local NGOs and Resident welfare Association

Dr Hema Goplan taking session in Sultanpuri

Dr Vimal Gupta in Dakshinpuri camp

Anthropometric measurement during camp in Dakshinpuri, South Delhi

Women during a diabetes screening camp in Jahangirpuri, West Delhi

Diabetes awareness session before the camp in Seemapuri, North Delhi

Group session on Diabetes awareness with women in Trilkopuri, East Delhi

Assessment Diet During DGM Camp in Sultanpuri

GDM Assessment Camp in New Seemapuri

GDM Awareness Session in Tigri

Pregnant women came in large numbers in GDM Assessment camp
in New Seemapuri

Anthropometric Measurement During DGM Camp

GDM Awareness Session in Kusumpur Pahari

Trained Health Workers in GDM in Tigri

Quarter III, October1, 2019-March 31, 2020

  1. 20 Community awareness activities conducted where 1600 persons reached at this awareness
  2. Women with pregnancy were provided personal counselling on nutrition and medical
  3. About 177 Community Health Workers were provided intensive training in maternal and child nutrition with specific emphasis of diabetes. Among these are 95 ASHA workers, 66 AWW workers and 16 from other NGOs worker working on this issue.
  4. A total of 1800 leaflets have also been distributed for awareness generation. A total of 55 booklets on diabetes were distributed to important members of these communities like MLA, RWA head etc.

Awareness session on diabetes and nutrion in Tigri

Training session of Health workers in Trilokpuri

Trainied health workers in Khicripur

ASHA workers during WDF training session in Seemapuri

Dr Vimal during diabetes camp in Dakshinpuri

Anthropometry during diabetes camp