‘Effect of Pistachio Nuts on Cardiovascular Health’

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‘Effect of Pistachio Nuts on Cardiovascular Health’

DFI & N-DOC released the findings of a study on “Effect of Pistachio Nuts on Cardiovascular Health”, recently published in an international journal) at a press conference titled Engaging Culturally Specific Solutions for Nutrition Intervention for Prevention of Diabetes, on 11th November, 2013, at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. The Principal Investigator of the study was Prof (Dr.) Anoop Misra.

The study shows that simple dietary changes such as including pistachio nuts to the diet can lead to multiple health benefits and that these important health benefits will decrease incidence and prevalence of the metabolic syndrome, diabetes and heart disease in Asian Indians who are markedly prone to develop these problems.

Prof. Anoop Misra: “Pistachios are part of traditional Indian diet. However, the health effects have not been clearly understood. This study shows multifaceted beneficial effects of pistachios suitable for Indian body type for the alleviation of multiple risk factors they have”.

Dr. Seema Gulati: “Based on this study we can say that pistachios provide an excellent snack option especially for those at risk for metabolic problems and diabetes. They provide beneficial effect in two ways: by displacing energy from other unhealthy sources and secondly, due to their own intrinsic nutritional properties.”

The study was funded by Paramount Farms Inc., whose pistachio nuts were exclusively used for research purpose.

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