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  • 1st M.B.B.S Passed from Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Med Sciences (MGIMS) Wardha under Nagpur University in Dec.1979-Jan 1980 1st attempt. Percentage of marks 61.66%.
  • 2nd M.B.B.S Passed from (MGIMS) in April /May 1981 in 1st Attempt. Pecentage of marks 62.8%.
  • 3rd M.B.B.S Passed from (MGIMS) Wardha (Nagpur University) in Dec.1982 Jan 1983 1st attempt percentage. Percentage of marks 56.5%.


Post Graduate Qualification


  • MD in 1989 from AIIMS


Honours and Awards


  • Received the Shr. Mohan Lal Wig Gold declared best in the field of Clinical research for the year 1989 in AIIMS.