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Diabetes care at Door steps using customized Diabetes care vehicles – “Diabetes Rath”

Introduction: Diabetes Foundation India (DFI) is implementing a program called Diabetes Care at Doorsteps known as “Diabetes Rath” in 10 slums of Delhi having underprivileged population with its two customized Mobile vans.

• To provide screening, standard care, management, and prevention advice of diabetes.


• Sensitization of stake holders such as Pradhans, local leaders, counselors, health care providers
• Awareness session on preventive health and dietary issues
• Health camps to identify early detection of Diabetic symptoms
• Conducting test such as Vibration Perception Test (VPT), Ankle Brachial Index (ABI), ECG, Retinoscopy or Fundus, in our fully equipped two Mobile vans.


Achievements since 2015 till date:
• conducted about 60 sensitization sessions in collaboration with local stakeholders such as political personalities, local doctors and school teachers
• The project has covered about 1,20,300 population with 260 awareness sessions.
• About 1123 people identified having pre-diabetic conditions
• About 8,215 people are identified with diabetes
• Provided counseling to about 85,478 people with main focus on lifestyle education.
• About 140 volunteers are trained on issues of Diabetes and complication
• About 300 local and tertiary health providers oriented and linkages established for those who need further management.


Key observation
• Poor awareness about preventive health issues
• Unknown Diabetes cases a threat for family
• Vulnerability to diabetes and hypertension due to high consumption of fried foods.
• Lack of health facility in these areas

What more required
• More mobile units required for expanding coverage
• More staff required to be trained for early detection
• More counselors needed to provide dietary counseling
• Funds for medication for treatment