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World Diabetes Walk organized by National Diabetes Obesity and Cholesterol Foundation (NDOC)

National Diabetes Obesity and Cholesterol Foundation (NDOC) organised a walk or rally on the occasion of world diabetes day 14 November 2018 in Trilokpuri slum area.

NDOC, has been working for diabetes prevention and management in 10 underprivileged areas in Delhi under the guidance of Prof. Anoop Misra, chairman Fortis CDOC for the last 6 years. Every month in these areas a customised vehicle with latest equipment to diagnose complications related to diabetes visit these areas and organise diabetes assessment camps. In these camps random blood sugar, Body mass index and medical advice and medicine are provided to people with type 2 diabetes. With this NDOC has build good community support and important stake holders such as area pradhan (Head), resident welfare members and elected government counsellor support activities of NDOC.

The preparation for this walk started in first week of November. Meeting were held with stake holders, school principals and community people regarding route of this walk timing and refreshment for volunteers who will be in this rally or walk. Play cards with catchy slogan both in Hindi and were made for this walk.

The walk started at 10.30 am from Block 27, Trilokpuri. It was flagged off by Dr Heam Gopalan, project head at NDOC and Mr Triloki president of RWA of Trilokpuri area. Many women, men and children with play cards some with white and red balloons shouting slogan of diabetes prevention and healthy life style. The walk was for about 1Km and at every corner small tak was given by volunteers about diabtes prevention. Finally the walk was received by Mr Fahim Akhtar, principal at NDMC School Block 34, Trilokpuri. A small talk was give by Mr Faheem Akhtar on diabetes prevention and management. He urged people to make it a routine and habit to walk at least 30 mints daily in the morning.

Prizes were also given to School children who participated in the drawing completion with the theme of diabetes prevention. About 10 children participated in the drawing competition held by NDOC on this day.

Men women and children preparing to start the walk

All team up for walk in Trilokpuri Block 27

Dr Hema Gopalan from NDOC with the group during diabetes walk

Mr Fahim Akhtar Principal MCD School Block 34 receiving the walk

Mr Fahim Akhtar Principal giving prizes to students for their drawing

NDOC participation in the Launch of website: T1 Warriors by Fortis CDOC

On the onset of the World Diabetes Day 2018, National Diabetes Obesity and Cholesterol Foundation (NDOC) and Fortis C-DOC Hospital, New Delhi had organized “T1 Warriors Support Group Get Together” . a group for people with Type 1 Diabetes,. The event was held at Hotel Shervani, Chirag Enclave, near Fortis CDOC hospital, New Delhi on Sunday, November 11, 2018.

The event was initiated by Dr Amrita Ghosh powered by Dr Ritesh Gupta and the team of Diabetes Educator both from Fortis CDOC hospital and NDOC foundation. This event was organised under the leadership and guidance of Dr (Prof) Anoop Misra, Executive Chairman, Fortis C-DOC Healthcare Ltd.

This event was attended by about one hundred people that included children and adolescents who are undergoing treatment for type 1 diabetes, their family members, researchers, social workers, dietician and doctors. The major highlight of this event was a complete health checkup for persons with type 1 diabetes that included measuring Height, weight, BP, BMI, glucose test, HbA1c, eye check- up, foot examination, Dental checkup. It was very encouraging to see that Children and adolescents were openly sharing their diabetes status and the treatment they are going on from Fortis CDOC. The event also had some wonderful, educative and interactive sessions, these were:
Dr Ritesh Gupta (Diabetologist & Endocrinologist). on ‘Importance of Good Glycemic Control’,
Dr Amrita Ghosh (Diabetologist & Endocrinologist) took session on ‘Recent concepts in new technology in Diabetes’.
Ms Bhavya (Nutritionist and Diabetes Educator) took session on‘What is Healthy Fats’?
Ms Tanvir Ali (Psychologist) on ‘Ways to Manage Stress’ and
Koel, Aanchal & Nidhi (Nutritionist and Diabetes Educator) demonstrated Protein snacks.

After these sessions a website was launched for T1 warriors in order to connect with more and more Type 1 diabetes patients, learn more and make best use of it for their benefit as and when required.

Thereafter, Zumba session and the Games were organized for the attendees and prize distribution was also done for the winners of the games.

Last but not the least, this event demonstrated how type 1Diabetes patients faces challenges in their day to day life and how the role of doctors and health educator help them to manage and overcome with the difficulties.

Program was concluded by offering Healthy Lunch with elaborating the nutritional specification. Some glimpses of the event are attached for your perusal.